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An Investment Venue?

Bonds? Options? Stocks? Discover an investment venue that’s a little different – artworks. BIZportal met with art investment experts: how much does it cost, what return counts as success, and of course, what to beware of.

The field of art acquisitions is often seen as the privilege of the elite, but in recent years more and more people are turning to it as a venue for solid long-term investments that sometimes offers an excellent yield. In an interview with Bizportal, art consultant Moshe Abir, owner of the Dan Gallery in Tel Aviv, says that investing in the art field is not necessarily for the rich alone. “People are willing to invest 20-30,000 NIS to furnish a new living room, why shouldn’t they invest $1,000 in a classical painting? People who have purchased paintings at that price six years ago can now receive over $5,000 for them”...

...Danny Dar, a veteran art collector in Tel Aviv, says many artworks improve with age, like good wine. “Yosel Bergner’s works become more valuable every year, though they can still be purchased at the reasonable rates of $5,000 -- $30,000...

...Dar adds that one must love the art field and keep up with developments in order to make the right acquisition. “As with fashion, in art, too, styles change and one must take the pulse of events. The painter Moshe Kassirer may be the next Rubin, because his works show singularity and a style that is going to catch on. There’s a huge demand for his pieces, and investors are willing to spend 40,000 NIS on each.”

Dany Dar, BizPortal, 2011

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